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        中國共產黨第二十次全國代表大會報告 重點語匯漢英對照翻譯摘編-摘自中國翻譯
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        Hold High the Great Banner of Socialism with Chinese

        Characteristics and Strive in Unity to

        Build a Modern Socialist Country in All Respects

        Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China



        The theme of this Congress is holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implementing the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, carrying forward the great founding spirit of the Party, staying confident and building strength, upholding fundamental principles and breaking new ground, forging ahead with enterprise and fortitude, and striving in unity to build a modern socialist country in all respects and advance the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts.


        Our Party has dedicated itself to achieving lasting greatness for the Chinese nation and committed itself to the noble cause of peace and development for humanity. Our responsibility is unmatched in importance, and our mission is glorious beyond compare.


        It is imperative that all of us in the Party never forget our original aspiration and founding mission, that we always stay modest, prudent, and hard-working, and that we have the courage and ability to carry on our fight. We must remain confident in our history, exhibit greater historical initiative, and write an even more magnificent chapter for socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.


        I. The Work of the Past Five Years and the Great Changes in the First Decade of the New Era


        The five years since the 19th National Congress have been truly momentous and extraordinary.


        The Party Central Committee has pursued a strategy of national rejuvenation amid global changes of a magnitude not seen in a century. ... The Central Committee has brought together the entire Party, the military, and the Chinese people and led them in effectively responding to grave, intricate international developments and a series of immense risks and challenges. With great effort and detemination, we have steadily advanced socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.


        Over the past five years, we have continued to strengthen the overall leadership of the Party and the centralized, unified leadership of the Central Committee. We have devoted great energy to finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. We have fully and faithfully applied the new development philosophy on all fronts, focused on promoting high-quality development, and worked to create a new pattern of development. We have pursued reform at a swift and steady pace, made solid progress in developing whole-process people's democracy, and advanced law-based governance across all fields of endeavor. We have actively developed advanced socialist culture. We have ensured and improved public wellbeing as a matter of priority and pooled resources to wage a critical battle against poverty. We have made a big push to enhance ecological conservation. We have worked with firm resolve to safeguard national security, fended off and defused major risks, and ensured social stability. We have devoted great energy to modernizing our national defense and the armed forces. We have conducted major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics on all fronts. And we have made sweeping efforts to advance the great new project of Party building.


        We called upon all Party members to study and apply the great founding spirit of the Party, and we encouraged them to create a brighter future by staying true to the Party's founding mission with greater resolve and purpose on the new journey ahead.


        In responding to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, we put the people and their lives above all else, worked to prevent both imported cases and domestic resurgences, and tenaciously pursued a dynamic zero-Covid policy. In launching an all-out people's war to stop the spread of the virus, we have protected the people's health and safety to the greatest extent possible and made tremendously encouraging achievements in both epidemic response and economic and social development.



        In the face of turbulent developments in Hong Kong, the central government exercised its overall jurisdiction over the special administrative region as prescribed by China's Constitution and the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Law on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was formulated and put into effect, ensuring that Hong Kong is administered by patriots. Thanks to these moves, order has been restored in Hong Kong, marking a major turn for the better in the region. Further headway has been made in developing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and supporting Hong Kong and Macao in growing their economies, improving living standards, and maintaining stability.


        In response to separatist activities aimed at "Taiwan independence, and gross provocations of external interference in Taiwan affairs, we have resolutely fought against separatism and countered interference, demonstrating our resolve and ability to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and to oppose “Taiwan independence,”We have strengthened our strategic initiative for China's complete reunification and consolidated commitment to the one-China principle within the international community.


        Confronted with drastic changes in the international landscape, especially external attempts to blackmail, contain, blockade, and exert maximum pressure on China, we have put our national interests first, focused on internal political concerns, and maintained firm strategic resolve. We have shown a fighting spirit and a firm determination to never yield to coercive power. Throughout these endeavors, we have safeguarded China's dignity and core interests and kept ourselves well- positioned for pursuing development and ensuring security.


        Over the past five years, our Party has rallied the people and led them in solving a great number of problems that had long gone unsolved, securing many accomplishments that hold major future significance, and achieving impressive advances in the cause of the Party and the country.


        The past decade marked three major events of great immediate importance and profound historical significance for the cause of the Party and the people: We embraced the centenary of the Communist Party of China; we ushered in a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics; and we eradicated absolute poverty and finished building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, thus completing the First Centenary Goal.

        十年來,我們堅持馬克思列寧主義、毛澤東思想、鄧小平理論、“三個代表”重要思想、科學發展觀,全面貫徹新時代中國特色社會主義思想,全面貫徹黨的基本路線、基本方略,采取一系列戰略性舉措,推進一系列變革性實踐,實現一系列突破性進展, 取得一系列標志性成果,經受住了來自政治、經濟、意識形態、自然界等方面的風險挑戰考驗,黨和國家事業取得歷史性成就、發生歷史性變革,推動我國邁上全面建設社會主義現代化國家新征程。

        Over the past decade, we have stayed committed to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, and the Scientific Outlook on Development, and we have fully implemented the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as well as the Party's basic line and basic policy. We have adopted a number of strategic measures, developed a range of transformative practices, and made a series of breakthroughs and landmark advances. We have withstood risks, challenges, and trials in the political, economic, ideological, and natural domains, secured historic achievements and seen historic changes in the cause of the Party and the country, and taken China on a new journey toward building a modern socialist country in all respects.


        We have established the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.


        We have strengthened Party leadership in all respects. We have made clear that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the defining feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


        We have developed well-conceived and complete strategic plans for advancing the cause of the Party and the country in the new era. We have put forward the Chinese Dream of the great

        rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and proposed promoting national rejuvenation through a Chinese path to modernization. ... With these efforts, we have made constant progress in enriching and developing a new form of human advancement.



        We have achieved moderate prosperity, the millennia-old dream of the Chinese nation, through persistent hard work. With this, we have elevated China to a higher historical starting point in development.


        By galvanizing the entire nation to carry out targeted poverty alleviation, we have won the largest battle against poverty in human history.


        We have put forward and applied a new development philosophy, worked hard to promote high-quality development, and pushed to foster a new pattern of development.


        We have comprehensively deepened reform with tremendous political courage. We have carried out critical tasks and enhanced top-level design for reform.... The system of socialism with Chinese characteristics has become more mature and well-defined, and China's system and capacity for governance have been further modernized.


        We have pursued a more proactive strategy of opening up.


        Through these efforts, we have advanced a broader agenda of opening up across more areas and in greater depth.


        We have kept to the path of socialist political advancement with Chinese characteristics. We have comprehensively developed whole-process people's democracy, made all-around progress in improving the institutions, standards, and procedures of our socialist democracy, and advanced socialist consultative democracy by way of extensive participation. We have reinforced the foundations that undergird the people's running of the country, injected fresh vitality into democracy at the community level, and consolidated and expanded the patriotic united front.


        We have intensified efforts to advance socialist rule of law in our country, and a comprehensive framework for law-based governance has taken shape.


        We have established and upheld a foundational system for ensuring the guiding role of Marxism in the ideological domain.


        We have implemented a people-centered philosophy of development.


        We have acted on the idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.


        We have applied a holistic approach to national security.


        We have further improved the social governance system based on collaboration, participation, and shared benefits.


        We have implemented the Party's thinking on strengthening the military for the new era, followed the military strategy for the new era, and upheld absolute Party leadership over the people's armed forces.


        We have fully and faithfully implemented the policy of One Country, Two Systems.


        We have put forward an overall policy framework for resolving the Taiwan question in the new era and facilitated cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation.


        We have pursued major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics on all fronts. We have promoted the development of a human community with a shared future and stood firm in protecting international fairness and justice.


        We have improved China's overall diplomatic agenda.


        We have made significant advances in exercising full and rigorous Party self-governance.


        We have worked ceaselessly to improve Party conduct and enforce Party discipline.


        Over the course of a century of endeavor, the Communist Party of China has tempered itself through revolution and grown stronger.


        With full confidence, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people are driving the great transformation of the Chinese nation from standing up and growing prosperous to becoming strong.


        The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is now on an irreversible historical course.


        Chinese modernization offers humanity a new choice for achieving modernization.



        II.A New Frontier in Adapting Marxism to the Chinese Context and the Needs of the Times


        Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology upon which our Party and our country are founded and thrive.


        With the courage to make theoretical explorations and innovations, our Party has, from an entirely new perspective, deepened its understanding of the laws that underlie governance by a communist party, the development of socialism, and the evolution of human society. It has achieved major theoretical innovations, which are encapsulated in the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.


        To uphold and develop Marxism, we must integrate it with China's fine traditional culture.


        With a history stretching back to antiquity, China's fine traditional culture is extensive and profound; it is the crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese civilization.


        We must put the people first.


        We must maintain self-confidence and stand on our own feet.


        We must remain firm in our conviction in Marxism and socialism with Chinese characteristics and strengthen our confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


        We must uphold fundamental principles and break new ground.


        We should approach Marxism with a respect for science and in the spirit of seeking truth.


        We must adopt a problem-oriented approach.


        We must apply systems thinking.


        We must maintain a global vision.


        We should expand our global vision and develop keen insight into the trends of human development and progress, respond to the general concerns of people of all countries, and play our part in resolving the common issues facing humankind.


        III. Missions and Tasks of the Communist Party of China


        From this day forward, the central task of the Communist Party of China will be to lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in a concerted effort to realize the Second Centenary Goal of building China into a great modern socialist country in all respects and to advance the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization.


        Chinese modernization is socialist modernization pursued under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It contains elements that are common to the modernization processes of all countries, but it is more characterized by features that are unique to the Chinese context.


        It is the modernization of a huge population.


        It is the modernization of common prosperity for all.


        It is the modernization of material and cultural-ethical advancement.


        It is the modernization of harmony between humanity and nature.


        China is committed to sustainable development and to the principles of prioritizing resource conservation and environmental protection and letting nature restore itself. We will protect nature and the environment as we do our own lives. We will continue to pursue a model of sound development featuring improved production, higher living standards, and healthy ecosystems to ensure the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.


        It is the modernization of peaceful development.


        We will stand firmly on the right side of history and on the side of human progress. Dedicated to peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit, we will strive to safeguard world peace and development as we pursue our own development, and we will make greater contributions to world peace and development through our own development.


        The essential requirements of Chinese modernization are as follows: upholding the leadership of the Communist Party of China and socialism with Chinese characteristics, pursuing high-quality development, developing whole-process people's democracy, enriching the people's cultural lives, achieving common prosperity for all, promoting harmony between humanity and nature, building a human community with a shared future, and creating a new form of human advancement.



        IV. Accelerating the Creation of a New Development Pattern and Pursuing High-Quality Development


        To build a modern socialist country in all respects, we must, first and foremost, pursue high-quality development.


        We must fully and faithfully apply the new development philosophy on all fronts, continue reforms to develop the socialist market economy, promote high-standard opening up, and accelerate efforts to foster a new pattern of development that is focused on the domestic economy and features positive interplay between domestic and international economic flows.


        1. Building a high-standard socialist market economy


        We must uphold and improve China's basic socialist economic systems. We must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector and unswervingly encourage, support, and guide the development of the non-public sector. We will work to see that the market plays the decisive role in

        resource allocation and that the government better plays its role.


        2.Modernizing the industrial system


        In pursuing economic growth, we must continue to focus on the real economy. We will advance new industrialization and move faster to boost China's strength in manufacturing, product quality, aerospace, transportation, cyberspace, and digital development.


        3.Advancing rural revitalization across the board


        We will move faster to build up China's strength in agriculture.


        With these efforts, we will ensure that China's food supply remains firmly in its own hands.


        4.Promoting coordinated regional development


        We will thoroughly implement the coordinated regional development strategy, major regional strategies, the functional zoning strategy, and the new urbanization strategy. We will improve the distribution of the major productive forces and develop a regional economic layout and a territorial space system that complement each other's strengths and promote high-quality development.


        5.Promoting high-standard opening up


        We will leverage the strengths of China's enormous market, attract global resources and production factors with our strong domestic economy, and amplify the interplay between domestic and international markets and resources. This will position us to improve the level and quality of trade and investment cooperation.